Exercise control and enhance your user relevancy and experience.

Exercise control and enhance your user relevancy and experience.

We offer our clients the ability to fully customise and tailor the service to meet their exact requirements.

More than simple logo branding, our software asks the question ‘what are your wellness objectives and how can we help you achieve them?’

This approach provides you with a unique communications hub – a physical and mental wellbeing content management system – specifically designed to resonate and engage your specific community.

You can determine everything from the look and feel, categories/themes, type of support services published, the search terms and the video content to whether the hub is public or private.

No other service offers this level of flexibility.

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Look & Feel

Ashia is designed for full brand customisation – from the colours, to the fonts, hero image to the headings. We also have the opportunity to utilise sponsor or partner images and messages throughout the hub.

Topics & Themes

It’s your hub and you know your community better than anyone. Ashia enables you to signpost the support that is needed for your end users. From careers advice to student services to self development – you decide and we’ll curate the content to match your themes.

Video Content

The heart of the platform….we make quality video production simple. You simply identify your spokespeople, ambassadors, experts, colleagues, friends that you wish to feature on your hub and we take care of the rest. Using real people – giving advice and telling their own stories – is the most powerful and impactful way to communicate.

Support Resources

Who says that helpful information has to be a downloadable PDF? Of course it can be…but with Ashia you can signpost to podcasts, videos, organisations, training courses, internal HR documents, recipe cards, books or even social media accounts that can provide your end users with the support they seek.

Location & Demographics

Ashia is designed to surface support that is both local and appropriate for your end users. You can therefore determine the geographical reach of the data sets – local, regional, national or international. Likewise, you may wish to focus on content that is specific to an end user from a particular demographic such as age, gender, race.

Access & Availability

We offer several options for access – all designed with the explicit purpose of enabling your community to use your hub without requiring to log in using personal identifiable data. You can have a full public access, a private domain, sub domain integration or full private intranet access.

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