Signposting Support at the Point of Need

Finding information that Matters shouldn't have to be difficult...

Ashia offers a total service environment – a convenient, flexible and scalable one-stop shop for surfacing the wellness information, resources and content that your users seek but can’t easily find.

Whether it’s a recipe, a book, an assessment form, an online training course or even a recommended social media influencer to follow, Ashia enables you to curate a content library to meet the exact needs of your users.

Ashia not only combines a powerful intelligent search function, but it also includes a complex recommendation engine and analyst tools, ensuring that relevant and needed information is returned to your users at the point of need.

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% employees seeking online mental health services and support
% organisations stating that employee mental health support is #1 priority
% adults who search for health information online

A fully, managed and verified wellness content service

It's Your Choice

Our flexible fully managed content service allows you to effectively curate the specific content – from local support organisations to a downloadable form or a link to a podcast. Regardless of format, you can be confident that your users will find the info they need easily and quickly.

We do the Heavy Lifting so you don't have to

Our data and content management team work to your exact brief – exploring, researching, indexing and maintaining the content available to your end users on your hub. Once we know what you want  and that you are happy, we do the rest and continue doing it.

Mobile Optimised

From the speed of the search to the design of the support listing cards  – every feature of our software is built with the needs of the mobile user in mind.

Categorisation & Association

Using our complex algorithms, we analyse, index and associate every piece of content within your hub – minimizing false positives – to ensure your end user surfaces the information they seek and need first time.

Content Verification

We check, re-verify – and update as required – the details and link for every support service and resource listed on your hub, to ensure accuracy and relevance, every 90 days.

Measurement & Analysis

So you offer all this great content to your end users, but how do you know they are using it? Using our insights portal you will be able to see – in real time – what assets your end users are engaging with and when.

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