Project summary

Major National Sports League

The British Basketball League (BBL) was uniquely placed to promote positive messages of equality, diversity and opportunity to its participants in communities across the UK.

Project highlights

Equality & Inclusion

With over half of adult participants from ethnic minorities, over 1 million participants aged between 11 and 15, and with 40% female, basketball is a powerful force for social cohesion in the UK. The content was curated specifically to effect positive change

Connecting 11 BBL Club Foundations across the UK into a single hub

A single hub designed to showcase the often award-winning, wide-reaching community programmes and projects delivered by the BBL Club's Foundations.

Lived and Shared Experience

Opportunity for the players, 70% are BAME, and university educated, to share their stories and lived experiences of growing up in more disadvantaged communities, to encourage and inspire young people. These athletes are identifiable role models.