User Analytics & Insights

Take the guesswork out of understanding your community's interests, concerns and challenges.

How can you make informed decisions around mental health and wellbeing interventions if you do not have the data available at your fingertips?

Unlike many wellbeing solutions, we provide every client with access to an Insights Hub which contains a comprehensive suite of real-time end user anonymised data sets and metrics, delivering an instant snapshot of the interests, issues and wellness challenges faced by your end user community.

Use of this data enables you to deploy early intervention and support strategies and measure their effectiveness, helping to create more resilient, empathetic and productive work and social environments – a shift from the reactive to the proactive.

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% organisations lacking data on wellbeing solution effectiveness
% organisations lacking informed decision making data on employee wellbeing
% employees comfortable with talking about their mental health at work

Optimise your understanding with Ashia's REAL TIME insights

Client Insights Hub

Our next generation cloud based Client Insight Hub provides you with real time information – 24 x 7 – on the activities, interests, usage and potential needs of your end user community.

End User Overview

How many end users are visiting your hub? how many are new vs returning? when do they visit? number of repeat visits and for how long? No need to wait months for this data, simply log in and view the interactive end user data sets in real time.

Behavioral Overview

What interests your end users? track the levels of engagement with videos, resources and support organisations and services. Compare data by postcode, by topic, key term for a instant ‘wellness temperature gauge’ of your end users.

Key Words

Keyword data gives you insight into how often certain words and phrases are searched by your end users, helping you identify trends, concerns and the types of support and services that you may or may not offer.

Search Mapping

Our unique search mapping tool enables you to see where – by physical location – your end users are seeking information on a particular topic or local support services. Ideal for multi site organisations wishing to compare interests on a location by location basis.

Support Location Mapping

Instantly display the physical locations of the support organisations and services within your hub  – visually highlighting areas of potential local need and demand vs. supply.

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