Ashia® from Frog Systems

Ashia® – the Arabic name for life and hope – is a cloud based service that enables any organisation to connect, support and communicate with its community.

Unique, customised & content rich

People perform better – at university, at work, on a sports field – when they have a purpose, are confident, motivated, and completely focused on being the best they can be. Good mental wellness underpins this.

Ashia enables organisations with a duty of care to create unique video-led, content-rich portals that generate genuine end user engagement. We recognise that mental wellness is multi-faceted, it affects how we think, feel and act, and is influenced by many factors: emotional, physical, psychological and societal.

Designed for ‘mobile first’, Ashia can be fully customised to be authentic, relevant and empathetic to your end users. An ideal solution for communicating with – and supporting – employees, students, residents, members, participants and wider communities as a whole.

And of course, we provide you with access to real time, comprehensive data sets so that you can measure the effectiveness of your investment.

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% consumer internet traffic that is video
average hours spent on mobile phone each day
% people who watch more than 5 videos per day

Why chose Ashia?

Connect. Support. Analyse

Total Flexibility

Ask yourself not what Ashia does? But what do I want it to do? Ashia is tailored to meet your exact requirements whether its reinforces your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policies or encourages your end users to speak up, it helps you create the perfect support platform.

Provides 'A Voice'

Video captures the diversity of your community and provides it with a voice – a true platform – to offer encouragement, support, advice, and hope to others. As a communications tool, video is not limited by language, accessibility or geography.

Mobile Optimised

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 minutes spent online comes from a mobile device? And yet we continue to build websites and info portals for desktop users. Every feature of Ashia is built with the mobile user in mind.

Private or Public Access?

We work with you to create the solution that best meets your needs, from custom domain, to private portals to access via your organisation’s internal intranet. And all without the need for the end user to ‘sign in’ with any identifying personal data.

Transparent & Predictable Pricing

A simple pricing model  – an initial one off onboarding/build fee and a recurring monthly subscription charge for ongoing campaigns and hosting – based on the data volumes we manage and maintain on your behalf.

Measurement & Analysis

Ashia delivers real time anonymised end user data, providing you with unique insight into the areas of interest/concern within your end user community, enabling you to report, review, plan and implement.

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